Dear Techbros, We Need to Talk (Again) and This Time, Listen

I know, ello. The needs of women online don't occur to you and since your project has no women who are listened to, you don't handle women's needs. But then some women complain, ugh like women do, and you design some features to attempt to placate them. However, your project has no women who are listened to, so your… » 9/26/14 12:36am 9/26/14 12:36am

PetticoatDespot Contact Info/Bio

You can send me a message here (and yes, I will ban trolls, duh). If you want the message to be private, tell me to dismiss. I can also be reached at petti at petticoatdespot dot com although I check that address infrequently unless I'm expecting incoming mail; if you do want to contact me by email, send me a message… » 3/15/14 12:48pm 3/15/14 12:48pm

This Morning's Dream: The Hairless Pack and the Cotija Cheese

I dreamed that I rented a room in an apartment but after I moved in, I found out that it was an underground maker space, so there was always a parade of people doing wood work. [Cute Boy Person's coworker that I've known for a decade but whose wife likes me better than he does] dropped by to bring me something and… » 12/06/13 2:18pm 12/06/13 2:18pm

More FBRape Fail Caused by Lack of Consulted Women

In the continued saga of "bottom-up-programing for the lose" at Facebook, we have the story of Jenna Price, who uploaded an image protesting Facebook's lack of action on hate speech against women with an image with examples of what Facebook allows and disallows, in text form— and got her account autoblocked for it.

So… » 5/31/13 6:49pm 5/31/13 6:49pm